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    Economics Student Read Steven Levitts Freakonomics


    A trend seen in most learners, not particularly just students studying econ, is that they adapt rather conventional approach in their literary endeavors. Hence, most of the students write rather bland essays or resort to economics essay help. Which is not entirely their fault, since our teaching methodologies are rather primitive? But for our society to evolve, prosper and keep up with global standards, one must have an innovative manner of looking at things.

    It is precisely due to this dire need to reshaping one’s mindset to tackle new problems, that we are encouraging students to read Freakonomics. You can say goodbye to seeking help for writing compelling economics essay help – one that successfully grasps your readers’ attention. By carefully reading Freakonomics, you will divulge a new perspective of analyzing and correlation data to make groundbreaking, economical inferences.

    Here is a brief overview of the book; hopefully it will serve as a quick inspiration for your next economics. Since the book is a culmination of the articles that Steven Levitt wrote, it has been broken down into organized chapters dealing with specific studies.

    Chapter One

    Levitt applies his knowledge pertaining to economic principles on cheating among teachers and the game play adapted by sumo wrestlers. He explores human nature with regard to social, economic and moral implications that drive them to take action in tricky situations, like cheating in a match or a test paper. His findings did end up stirring controversy at japan Sumo Association. Probably this dynamic will help you make things clear for you on a personal level – especially when you seek online professional essay service. Notice the incentive that drives you to take this action.

    Chapter Two

    Using fundamental economic theories, Levitt explains the use of information asymmetry in two apparently paradoxical situations – that is the Klu Klux Klan and the way real estate agents work. He ingeniously emanates that the two groups are skilled at creating a façade and delivering misinformation in manner that personally benefits them. It is only until you infiltrate the feared cult or buy the supposedly “well-maintained” house that you find out the reality.

    Chapter Three

    Levitt draws parallels between corporate companies and drug dealing. This information can be particularly novel and groundbreaking if you are looking for economics essay help. Since unlike the general misconception, not all drug dealers reap gold once they get into the business. Instead, just like a corporate company, the ones at the top accumulate the wealth in their pockets.  

    Chapter Four

    Levitt’s most sagacious, yet controversial theory is demonstrated in this chapter. He draws correlations between the drop in crime rate with the legalization of abortion. This theory actually bashes the commonly assumed idea that gun control laws decreased crimes. A crucial impact, as portrayed by Levitt’s study, is that a country’s economic is greatly impact by the well-being of each domestic unit. But another lesson to take by students here is that one must certainly seek online economics essay help – especially when exploring concepts that could be particularly controversial or would pave way for strong, offensive rebuttals.  

    Chapter Five

    Levitt takes forward the very famous and unresolved “nature versus nurture” argument, but by applying theories related to economics of course. He explains how the conventional idea, that a child’s success is dependent on the standard of education in his formative years, is rather obsolete. In fact, he argues that an individual’s success is largely accountable to his/her parents’ socio-economic background, age and education. It takes the notions related to the familial unit impacting economic progress to the next level. Hence, this can serve as an interesting topic for your next economics essay; you may analyze your personal, domestic dynamics as well.

    Chapter Six

    The final chapter may be a rather grave insight to digest. Levitt conducted studies to establish the fact that your names may have a substantial impact on your success. This is because of the age old, deep rooted prejudice against blacks or people coming from lower economic backgrounds. Hence, people belonging to either of the two group may not be called for interview readily – even if they have a CV as strong as the one submitted by a richer or whiter candidate of the same caliber.

    Six different, unique, sagacious and highly commendable case studies – imagine the six different exceptional economics essay writing service that you could write based on these. Do not miss out on reading this insightful, critically acclaimed book!