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    7 Tips To Help You Proofread Your Essay Like A Pro


    Why Man! Why! Why can’t you just PROOFREAD YOUR OWN WORK! Well this is so disappointing when you are hoping to get some good samples of writing and all you get is a number of errors in the write-ups! Why? Because people don’t proofread their own work! What are they hoping to be perfectionist or too lazy? Argh! Not in mood to spoil my blog!

    So writers kindly follow what I am teaching you!

    Top 7 ways to proofread your work!

    1. Print & edit!

    Before proofreading you need to edit your work. Get ya? Yeah people you really need to read and see for this errors. As if I see any one of them I will put your essay in bin! So get a print out of your write-up and a RED MARKER! And check for the following errors!

    • Grammatical errors: to check the grammar properly.
    • Vocabulary errors: to use easy and relevant vocabulary
    • Sentence structure error: is the sentence structure duly done?

    Need to know how to check them all just check this blog by Professional Essay Service, it will guide you better. Anyways! Kindly take a good care of these errors as there are number of tools which can do favours for you!

    1. Do you know something like DIY? Use it!

    Don’t ask someone write marketing essay for me urgent! You have to evolve as a writer on your own! So what you have to do is “TO READ IT LOUD” it is really an activity to read what you have written! Feel the helplessness a reader feels when he is reading your essay! Felt it? Better to re-write the essay!

    Or if you have written well then move to next step that is….

    1. Apostrophes and contractions time! Man what are you doing!

    Too lazy to write it is so better write “it’s” really man? And you want to be a great writer! Whoohoo surprise, surprise! If you use short cuts you will never be a great writer! As it kills your own credibility! Trust me on this!

    1. Have you taken care of homonyms!

    Did you use then instead of than or their instead of their? Be sure what you have used in your essay. The writing tool such as word sometimes don’t catch this error! This thing will spoil your overall sense of the essay and what you will be left out is an ambiguous concept of a topic in your essay!

    1. The numerical values!

    Check on your numerical values as they ought to be proper and correct. Don’t be overwhelmed if you are writing a finance essay. It surely going to have so many numerical values. What you can do is! Take a rest and then check each and every value step by step. DO NOT RUSH INTO THE FINDINGS! Take your time to evaluate them! As if any one of your value came wrong chances are your whole essay will survive!

    1. Give it a different appearance!

    You can change the appearance of your essay and check for the mistakes in it. Changing appearance means changing the formation style or font style. When you work with different font styles you will have a clear idea how your essay will look to different people.

    1. Ask a buddy to favour a study of your essay!

    Ask any buddy to check your essay for you! Let us see how they will find your essay! It is no harm if they don’t find it interesting. That’s the time to change the essay where they have find the clichés. What you can do is ask their sincere advice as what betterment you can do with your essay!

    The submission time!

    When you think you are ready to submit your essay do check out following tools:

    • Grammarly:

    Grammarly is the great help for writers as it will exactly tell the writers where they have been wrong and which sentence they are using put your essay on Grammarly app and check out the results!

    For example:

    There are number of ways in which one can have communication but it depends on the target audience and speaker what kind of communication he will pick for his audience. Email is different from debates as both cater different type of audiences.

    As when I add a random text on Grammarly it showed be 4 mistakes which are really common when one is writing a long length essay. The underlined red marks are the mistakes on Grammarly.

    • Copyscape:

    Another tool to check your work is a plagiarism tool. You need to make sure of plagiarism before submitting your text. Plagiarism in a crime to writing world and one has to be careful that there is no copy pasting in this work.

    If you stole someone else’s words this tool will catch it and destroy your credibility.

    • Professional Essay Service:

    Availing professional essay service is the finest solution you have! As they not only check your errors but proofread it in a best possible manner. They even guide you in sentence structure and give suitable edit suggestions for your essay.


    The more you write the clearer your sense of writing will become. Writing is an art to express one own self. So what the use of writing if one get his thoughts rejected just because he didn’t proofread it properly. So from now on whatever you write proofread it and then share with the world.

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