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    How To Write An Essay Expert Advice


    Mom! Mom! Where are you? Mom I need to talk to you right now! Mooooooooooooommmmm! I was so frustrated that when I entered my house I was yelling and finding mom. Finally she came running towards me! OH David! What happened why you are so frustrated? And then I told her my story which connected me with the fabulous story of my life.

    You all must be wondering, what might be connection between my story and the topic. So let me tell you first, that I am a creative head of a renowned company which has specialty in essay writing and literature writing. That day I first learned skills of essay writing from my Mom, who trained me about several things about essay writing as it was her regular job (She was professor of psychology in a renowned University).

    So let’s get back into the time on that day when she told something which made my whole life change.

    Once upon a time……

    I had a literature exam in which I had to write psychology essay of 1000 words. I knew what to do but lack the direction on how to write it. So I barely passed, though I was so sure I could have achieved good marks. When I got my paper back there were hardly any mistakes but still, was not graded well. So I got so frustrated about all this. I took my paper and shared my issue with my mom. She took my paper and told me that everything is ok with the essay but it lacks the crisp that an essay should have.  When I asked her about what does crisp means? She taught me something that I can never forget.

    Let’s Gear up for the ride!

    Whatever she taught me that day, it made a way for me to the professional essay service. As she gave me some very, very major and interesting tips which I will be sharing in a while. Let’s make a rough sketch first. The three major parts that we need is obviously very basic

    “Introduction, Body and Conclusion. But it does have some more spices. What are those species?

    Let’s explore them one by one;

    Way towards composition of essay writing:

    If you want to be master in essay writing you need to have crazy expertise in following ground i.e.

    1. Brain Storming
    2. Information
    3. Message
    4. Essay outline

    Knock! Knock! does your brain think?

    Brain Storming: Think! Think! Think! Think about your topic. What does it require? What might be the key elements in it? What should be the style? Who are the main audience? What is your message? How you are going to convey it? Make a rough sketch like about your esaay and jot down main points that you have to discuss.

    Is this relevant?

    Information:  A writer must collect the relevant information after brainstorming the topic. He needs to have vast research on how to elaborate his points and which information is beneficial for reader. But do not go on and on about the topic. Decide! The main theme of the topic and then add information. There is vast information about the importance of social media but I have planned out my research well and then I took next step.

    essay writing advice

    Style a crispy message body:

    Message: what message do you want to give to reader? Is that message relevant to the reader? Will he gain something from your essay? Will it be a time winning activity? Make sure you don’t give a headache to your reader by bombarding him with excessive information.

    Writer’s knows the best!

    Only you know how to tackle your reader’s mind, so outline your essay in such a manner that he thoroughly enjoys reading it. Give heading, pictures and taglines to make it easy for them to check in a quick manner.

    Tadaa! Now you know the secret ingredient of professional essay writing. Essay writing is an art that only few possess as it polishes the skills of the writer and make him closer to reader’s mind.

    But wait the story has just begun!

    Yes you know the secret ingredients but do you know how to use main ingredients i.e. Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

    Make your reader curious:

    Your Introduction should be clear, short and eye catching, that creates curiosity in reader’s mind, but should not reveal the whole essay. It must be a small paragraph and well comprehended. You can give a little touch of fun to it if you want. The buy online essay trend is successful now because the reader’s attention is caught in the introduction which pulls him to buy the whole essay.

    Details, details and stop!

    You need to give details but don’t overemphasize them. Body should contain all the needed information like charts, pictures and stats etc. that support the topic. It shouldn’t be too long that reader gets distracted and not even too short that it doesn’t convey the main message.

    Win your audience!

    This is the most crucial part of essay writing i.e. conclusion, when you conclude the essay, you need to leave an everlasting impression on reader’s mind. Make them realize that whatever time they spent was worth it!

    What are you waiting for? Just start your essay now!

    I hope the art of essay making is clear to you and soon you will be entertaining your readers and customers. I thoroughly enjoyed detailing the ways of essay writing with you all and hope to see you on my next blog. Till than have a good health and wealth. Bye!

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