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    How To Select A Suitable Argumentative Essay Topic


    Can you believe that there is actually a civil way to prove yourself right in an argument? Me neither!

    Okay but seriously, have you ever been in an argument with your teacher where you know they’re wrong and you have the facts to prove it but just not the chance to shine? Here it is. Fight fire with fire. Write your heart out. Let me tell you how to write a beautifully crafted, wonderfully persuasive essay that is bound to make people understand exactly what you’re trying to say. You can’t exactly buy an argumentative essay online, but you sure as heck can write one.

    Dive into it!

    The best way not to completely embarrass yourself when writing an informative essay is to obtain authentic information before starting to write. Make sure you’ve explored your topic from every possible dimension. Make sure you understand your side clearly and can defend it reasonably. Research is the most important part of writing anything, especially when it’s something you have to at least pretend to know about. Learn all that you can about it through several different sources to avoid inaccurate information. Confirm your facts and evidences before stating them.

    • Use different sources for your research and make sure you understand every aspect of the topic you’re about to argue.
    • State facts and evidences to go with your argument and make sure the sources you get them from are authentic and reliable.

    We’ll need a draft of that first…

    Your first draft can never be your final draft. Make sure you keep that in mind. Make sure to write multiple drafts, you’ll surely notice yourself making progress with each one. This is one of the best ways to avoid mistakes and to clarify context. It is also an opportunity to restate your argument several times over and then pick out the best way to get your point across in the most effective way possible. Don’t let your impatience ruin your chances at a nearly perfect essay. Take your time with it. Analyze everything and figure out ways to articulate yourself better. Find ways to strategically get your point across and then implement them in your writing.

    • Create multiple drafts and watch yourself improve with each one.
    • Make a list of things you need to address so you don’t miss any of the points you have to discuss.

    Get your facts right

    Do fact checks on everything piece of information you collect. You don’t want to put something in based on intuition that it may be correct because that could really get you into a lot of trouble if caught. Look at your sources carefully and make sure you can trust them. Do research through multiple resources. Your evidences need to be like proper citations. Pretend you’re part of a professional essay service, think from that perspective when you write. You need to make sure every single thing you state is from a trustworthy background. Do not trust third party websites for anything. Do research yourself, from the internet, books and anything else you can find.

    • Every piece of information you collect, make sure it’s authentic and has been taken from a reliable source. To ensure this, collect data for that particular topic from multiple sources and compare and contrast to see what’s different. What you find the most on average should be your answer.
    • Provide proper evidence for everything you claim.

    Where have I read this before…

    Plagiarism will not only ruin your chances of getting a scholarship, at a stage this initial it will most likely get you expelled from whatever institution you’ve applied to before you can even get in. Do not copy other people’s work, if you need to take a reference, paraphrase or quote someone, provide a link to the source in the form of a citation. Not only is copying other people’s work unethical, it’s also illegal. Imagine if something you’ve worked so hard trying to write is claimed by someone without you being asked or given credit. You’d want them to face consequences, wouldn’t you? Avoid anything that might ruin your reputation in front of the institute you’re applying to. This will definitely be at the top of that list.

    • Make sure your work is authentic and done entirely by you
    • If you do copy someone’s work, make sure you give the rightful owner of the work due credit because if you’re caught with plagiarism, the consequences would be you getting kicked off the program.

    Please, do get defensive

    Don’t you wanna prove the opposing side wrong? Stand your ground and put your hours of research to use. Don’t just talk about your topic in general. Defend it. Talk about why you believe what you believe and why other perspectives on the matter are potentially less reliable. Argue your side. Learn to counter any arguments that the opposing side might throw your way. Your argument is weak the second you feel like you’re unable to provide logic for a certain thing you’ve stated. This is how most argumentative essays collapse, lack of proper argument to support claims made by the writer. Steer clear of saying anything that you might not be able to defend later.

    • Find counter arguments for everything
    • Learn to defend yourself in a logical and reasonable way
    • If you feel like you can’t provide reasoning for a specific point, don’t make that particular argument. Find something to replace it.


    Kimberly Baker is a UK based painter with honors in fine arts. She loves to build sculptures and write short stories for children, and her favorite genre to focus on is comedy. She runs a professional essay service to help guide students about writing styles and such.

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