Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy has been made devised to inform you regarding the meaning of Cookies, how and why we use them and why their usage is important. Their usage is rather important as they are used for improving the functionality of a website and it is not recommended that you disable them.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces and files containing information, and they are stored via download into your computer when you are browsing on a web page. They are made use of by every website present on the internet, and play an integral part in the functionality of a site.

How We Use Cookies?

We have listed the methods through which we make usage of Cookies on our website. Again, we will urge you not to disable cookies because doing that will disrupt with the functionality of a website, as well as the user experience.

Disabling Cookies

Disabling cookies can be done from the browser settings, depending on what browser you are using. You can check for the disabling options in your browser settings

The Cookies We Set

  • Cookies related to email newsletters
  • Our website offers newsletter and email subscription services, and as such, we use cookies for storing the necessary information as well. This information consists of your contact information which we store in case you have not already registered or subscribed to our services. These cookies are normally valid for those who have registered or subscribed and are used for displaying the notifications accurately.

  • Orders processing related cookies
  • Since the website offers E-Commerce and Payment facilities as well, some cookies are highly necessary to be stored into your computer in order for the orders to be processed without hindrance.

  • Forms related cookies
  • For future correspondence and communication, cookies are used for storing information and data such as via a contact form or lead form, so that we can coordinate with you in the future without you having to provide your information again and again.

  • Site preferences cookies
  • We wish to provide you with a smooth and functional website and user experience which requires the storage of cookies into your computer. These site preferences cookies are necessary for ensuring that we are providing our visitors a website without any functionality issues, and as such we make use of the information collected via these cookies.

Third Party Cookies

As per requirements under special circumstances, we also make use of cookies provided by third party applications. We have mentioned which third party cookies we are using in the following points below:

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a recommended and highly used third party tool which is used by websites for understanding how their website is being used, and also to determine the kind of traffic that the website is receiving. Google Analytics tracks the time duration each visitor spends on every web page as well, which allows us to understand and determine what kind of content appears engaging to users and how we should be devising content for user engagement as well.
  • Other Third Party Analytics: We are using other Third Party Analytics as well on this website to track and measure the kind of traffic we are receiving on this website, from where are we receiving the traffic and how we are receiving the traffic. This is also to provide us with statistics to work on ways through which we can work on the improvisation of our website.
  • From time to time, we are testing new features for ensuring that our website remains optimised and this process also requires utilisation of plenty of cookies. The purpose of this is to make sure that our website optimisation is done without disrupting the experience of our users.
  • Having the necessary statistics which provide us information regarding our clients and what attracts them, is important in order for us to make business predictions such as what price structure best suits them and what they are looking for when making a purchase etc.
  • Social Media buttons and/or plugins are used on this site which allows you to connect with our social media networking profiles and pages in miscellaneous methods. These buttons and plugins also require setting cookies through our site by those social networking sites such as Facebook as well. This is because those sites use cookies to add to the data they need for purposes outlined in their own privacy policies as well.

More Information

We hope that you must have understood the Cookie Policy we outlined for your information and why it is necessary for us to make use of cookies for running our site. This policy has been written with the assistance of GDPR Cookies Policy Generator.

However, if you do not find this information sufficient and need to know more, you can contact us through the contact information listed:


Phone: +447587486652

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