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    6 Easy Steps On Writing An Argumentative Essay

    Oh my, have you been assigned the task for writing an Argumentative Essay? Haven’t we all been at some point? Folks, two things you need to ingrain in your mind:

    1. There is no escaping writing essays especially in university life
    2. Hold your horses and calm down because the task is not that difficult

    Now that you have most probably fed the above two points in your mind, let us move on further. Essays are a piece of written text based on research and the view point of the writer. From the primary level, we are taught about writing essays on a variety of topics especially in English Language classes.

    But once we enter university level, we are assigned with essays in every other subject and the problem becomes when we are not aware of the basic requirements at the university level. A lot of students choose to buy essay online because they have trouble coping with the deadlines, but I am telling you, if you will follow the steps I have outlined for you in this blog, you will definitely be able to ace them!

    In brief, all kinds of essay have the basic structure as demonstrated here:

    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Conclusion
    • Bibliographies

    Presenting To You 6 Easy Steps To Write An Argumentative Essay!

    So folks, how about me move forward to the point where I have outlined some of the 6 best easy steps for you write to an Argumentative essay, right?

    1. Get Familiar With Argumentative Essays In General

    One of the main problems that students face is that they do not understand what Argumentative Essays are in general. They are important to be written in all kinds of essays, even if you are writing a Psychology essay. Let me explain to you in simple words:

    “Argumentative Essays seek to prove that an argument should be accepted as opposed to another argument, and the essay consists of compelling evidence and a balanced assessment of both of the arguments.”

    You need to get your reader agree with your argument anyhow, but you cannot do that by throwing off words and phrases without any proper outline.

    See where I am going with this? Yes! You need to be aware of the Argumentative Essay outline!

    Part 1:  Writing The Introduction

    Essentially speaking, the introduction is further divided into three components:

    1. The Hook: By referring to the ‘hook’, we mean the first part of a sentence which is written to capture the reader’s attention
    2. Background Information: The background information seeks to deliver some background on the topic, mainly focusing on the following questions:
    3. What is the issue that is being discussed?
    4. Who is/are affected by this issue?
    5. Where is the issue present?
    6. Why is the issue important to be discussed?
    7. Thesis Statement: A brief statement written in the last line of the introduction and offers the stance of the writer on the issue being discussed.

    Part 2: Developing Your Own Arguments in The Body

    While developing your own arguments, you need to provide a minimum of three claims. A claim is the statement you make in order to support your argument, and as such, you need to back every claim with sufficient evidence as well.

    Part 3: Refuting The Arguments of The Opponent in The Body

    You need to write down your opponents views in this particular section, and offer valid rebuttals which appear sensible to the reader and make the reader agree with your viewpoint. You can offer up to two arguments of the opponent and refute them accordingly.

    Part 4: Concluding The Essay

    A justified conclusion is one which covers the following aspects in detail:

    Reinstatement of the importance of the issue; whereby the writer mentions how their particular argument and opinion carries value and should be implemented.

    A parallel situation; where the argument has not been followed and negative consequences are explored in brief. Refuting arguments is rather necessary in humanities and management sciences subjects such as for writing an economics essay.

    1. Understand The Topic Of Your Essay

    Many times, you will not understand the whole purpose of your topic, which would mean you, will not be able to develop your arguments etc. Often at times, teachers do not tell the students the nature of the essay and simply give the topic to the student.

    Students are not able to understand if the topic is for writing an Argumentative Essay or a Persuasive Essay. Moreover, sometimes you might not even have the topic given to you, and would need to browse by yourself only. A topic for an argumentative essay will have the following components:

    1. How did this particular situation happen?
    2. Why is this issue important to be discussed?
    3. How are supposed to react to this issue?
    4. If you think that you can cover these points in your topic, voila! You have found your topic!
    5. Devise A Timeline For Your Essay Parts

    Now that I have told you about the essay structure and outlines, you need to make sure that you make a timeline for yourself where you divide time for each task.

    You need to set a timeframe within which you specify time for research, writing, proofreading etc. Without a clear cut timeline, you may lag behind in your essay submission.

    Even if you decide to take assistance from some professional essay service, they will ask you give a timeframe for the sections of an essay.

    1. Write Your Essay After Filling Your Knowledge Pool

    An essay can only receive a top grade if it has the adequate information and research within it. While we are blessed with the internet and we can conduct all kinds of researches, the problem is that students get confused on using authentic information.

    If that’s the case, you can make use of these online tools for research:

    • Mendeley
    • GoogleScholar
    • Sparrho
    1. Get Your References Right

    So you have written your complete essay and got done with the conclusion as well, but did your cite the sources for all of your mentioned information?

    Image result for referencing and citation

    Well guess what? You need to be aware of all the referencing styles, especially the ones recommended to you by your teacher. If you think that this is particularly a difficult task and that you cannot get your references right, well, the internet is there for you.

    “I am pleading people all around to write my essay UK based especially the bibliographies section, because I sure cannot seem to understand it!”

    CiteThisForMe is a particularly recommended website when it comes to citing the sources with accuracy.

    1. Proofread and Edit Your Essay

    What is worse than an incomplete essay? An error-ridden essay of course! Errors do not only pertain to spelling or grammatical errors, but they also mean that you have either not formatted your essay properly or that there is a lot of plagiarism showing up in your essay.

    Nowadays, I have observed that a lot of students may hand over their essay to a cheap essay writing service UK based, just for the proofreading and editing part only. Just goes to show how important it is!

    Nevertheless, you need to make sure that your essay is immaculate in condition, and free of all kinds of errors. In this manner as well, you can make use of online tools for making sure that it is impeccable in condition:

    • SpellCheck Plus Tool
    • Grammarly
    • Plagiarism Checker

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