Choosing A Research Topic Made Easier A List Of 120 Research Topics

This blog posts enlists all the current and relevant topics from different disciplines of study that you can choose from for your forthcoming research.

University sounds a lot of fun, but trust me when I say this – every day you wish you were hit by a truck while walking to the same dreadful classroom. I am not being pessimistic, with teachers like mine I had to seek help from Essay writing service UK every other day to turn in my essay – or else, I know I would have been thrown out of the class. Every approaching semester started with praying that it end soon and ended with crippling anxiety about the forthcoming research that I had to do.

Deciding the topic, coming to consensus with the professor and getting a proposal approved was all part of the process – an excruciating process characterized by constant mental breakdowns. *sobs* But you don’t have to go through the same grim routine as I did because having learnt from my mistakes I know all the do’s and don’ts of the trade.

All The Things You Should DO:

1.Figure out your interests: 

Try to think and contemplate every day before you finally come to the Eureka idea you want to work on.

TIP: Ask yourself what bothers you the most? This could help you get to a consensus as to what

YOU really want to do – what really matters to YOU


Observing things around you can take you a long way. It wasn’t until the apple fell on Newton he discovered gravity.


The power of writing things down by hand is one that everybody conveniently ignores, neural connections between hand and mind can help embed the information into long term memory. Once something goes there, it can help you get creative with choosing a better topic for your research.

4.Make A Draft:

I thought of many topics, some very interesting and one of a kind – but when I sat down to write my draft I got a really bad feeling; I did not have enough material for doing research, nor enough resources to bring it to completion. Point Blank.

As a student you must always try to sketch a rough draft of how you are going to proceed with your research, this includes:

  • Keeping a check on time frame given to you
  • Keeping a check on all the resources you have

 Because sometimes the brightest of ideas go in vain because of lack of resources.

Once you are through this process, congratulations you have cleared the first step to a slowly progressing journey towards the competition your degree. 

For now, feel privileged because I have compiled a list of research topics from a vast array of disciplines to get you started for your research, yes the looming sword on your head that can fall any time –

Research Topics on Medicine:

  1. Is Placebo becoming the next big medicine in Third world countries for curing incurable diseases?
  2. Euthanasia; are terminally ill patients treated as they should be?
  3. CKD: How long are patients expected to survive after a Renal Transplant on a Vegan Diet?
  4. Is it only the processed foods that are causing diabetes among citizens of developed countries?
  5. Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in spreading awareness regarding organ transplant.
  6. What is the correlation between bio technology and anti-aging processes?
  7. How is increasing use of E cigarettes among adolescents affecting the prodromal period for lung cancer?
  8. Bio-psycho-social factors that increase the susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease
  9. How is binge watching culture affecting the overall short sightedness ratio in adolescents
  10. What genetic features respond to Electroconvulsive Therapy?

Research Topics on Psychology:

  1. Does gender reassignment alter a person’s thought pattern?
  2. Is miss-gendering  a predominant  factor for consistent negative thought patterns in non-binary individuals
  3. What are the deciding factors for choosing self-assisted suicide in mentally sick patients?
  4. How counselling and therapy can help parents of autistic children?
  5. Can a regulated diet really prevent depression?
  6. How effective are anti-depressants in helping patients with bipolar disorder?
  7. Is depression a factor of creativity theft?
  8. How normalizing bullying is affecting mental health in school going students?
  9. Why increasing number of college grads are committing suicide?
  10.  Religious sermons and their role in preventing generalized anxiety.

Research Topics on Pop Culture:

  1. How violent action games have gained more popularity over the last decade?
  2. K-POP: is cult culture seeing a whole new dimension?
  3. What is Japan’s school girl culture?
  4. Lolita fashion: An emerging trend in Asian countries or a cover for underlying issue?
  5. How can EDM cause hearing damage?
  6. Are millennial kids a generation of most privileged kids?  
  7. Why is generation Z most obsessed with cult culture?
  8. Can scientology become the new secret celebrity religion?
  9. Why are so many celebrities reporting a history of depression?
  10. Is cancel culture justified?

Research Topics on Literature:

  1. Why do intellectuals use a specific and difficult to understand language in their work?
  2. Why no work of Jane Austen can reach the same level of popularity as Pride and Prejudice?
  3. Are movie adaptations ruining classic literature work for generations to come?
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey: how misogynistic culture still popular in 21st century?
  5. How Young adult novels are depriving the new generation of classic literature?
  6. How has Instagram poetry affected the quality of poetry produced in 21st century?
  7. How George Orwell’s work more relatable today than ever?
  8. Why romanticizing mental illness has become a trend in today’s age?
  9. 13 reasons why: Are writers cashing on stories from suffering of others?
  10. Bookstagram: an instagram dedicated for readers an emerging trend that is going to alter quality of work produced by writers?

Research Topics on Religion:

  1. Why Islamophobia has become one of the leading problems of the West?
  2. How are religion and spirituality different?
  3. Can religion work as a buffer for bouncing back from trauma
  4. How is religious intolerance affecting people around the globe?
  5. How KKK is a growing problem in USA
  6. Can religiosity help fight feelings of depression?
  7. When all religions prohibit premarital sex, why is there an emerging primal sex culture taking over the world?
  8. Church and Priest, the new world order and the third eye – what is actually the link between all three?
  9. Is the divide between Saudi Arab and Iran solely on the basis of religious sectarianism?
  10. How different cultures are corrupting religious teachings?

Research Topics on environment:

  1. Environmental activism and its effects on environmental issues.
  2. Can water deficit be minimized through efficient water usage?
  3. Regular forest fires; a natural phenomenon or an excuse for deforestation?
  4. How previous oil spills in pacific are affecting the new breed of fishes
  5. Increasing earthquakes, live volcanoes and hurricanes what are humans doing to earth?
  6. Singapore’s increasing air pollution, who should be blamed?
  7. Why are super power countries like USA not accepting climate change?
  8. How can reducing palm oil production help environmental issues?
  9. Is New Zealand’s protest enough to bring all Asia Pacific countries to care for environment
  10. What should be changed about existing environmental laws to make people care for environment?

Research Topics on Education:

  1. Are teachers in modern day less receptive to demands of students?
  2. Does having multiple boards and curricula create a divide among students?
  3. Virtual Reality Games are exploring a new direction of teaching students through visual aid.
  4. Do SATs and GREs tap into the soft skills needed to succeed in the world after 2019?
  5. Can Autistic children be integrated into the existing system of education?
  6. How is contingency contracting helping teachers out to alter negative behavior of students?
  7. Can operant conditioning work with students with learning disabilities?
  8. How is Finland preparing its students for a more practical approach towards life?
  9. How educational psychologists are changing environments in school to produce results?
  10. Is John Dewey’s approach to education still applicable on today’s well aware generation?

Research Topics on Business:        

  1. What are the new trends of business for the year 2019
  2. Are businesses fulfilling their duty towards community?
  3. Who are the new and booming entrepreneurs of 2019?
  4. Why is there no wage gap between men and women in South Asian countries?
  5. Can we expect businesses to work out the USA banning spree?
  6. Is Trump’s cold business war with China going to slow China’s domination over market?
  7. What will be the effect of CPEC on business dynamics in Asian continent?
  8. Are we seeing a new world order emerge with business tycoons taking over world politics?
  9. Trump’s presidency and the fate of US business companies: a comparative analysis of before and after
  10. How is geographical expansion effecting the quality of product produced in different regions?

Research topics on Marketing:

  1. What is the future of social media marketing?
  2. Is social media marketing going to take over the conventional methods of marketing by next 5 years?
  3. How is false marketing effecting startups?
  4. Political campaigning and use of data analytics – is this the new face of marketing?
  5. How Cambridge Analytica’s brand strategy helped Trump win elections?
  6. Facebook ads and paid promotions, are they altering the way you think?
  7. Well written content, a need for today’s marketing companies to win over customers
  8. Culture sensitivity and Cultural appropriation: what mistake did Pepsi make in casting a white person amidst black lives matter protest?
  9. Is defensive marketing strategy helping businesses?
  10. Soft image marketing is all the rage at the moment, a detailed account of latest marketing strategies.

Research Topics on Cyber Security:

  1. Are web cameras really a threat to your privacy?
  2. How can Smart TVs be used for spying on you?
  3. How increasing cyber-attacks on banks telling us a different side of story about ‘safe and secure’ banking?
  4. Can hackers hack into nuclear power stations and mark the beginning of third world war?
  5. Risks of a cyber-war at the hands of hackers?
  6. Free applications are posing a threat to your privacy, what are developers not telling you about cyber security?
  7. Can data Analytics Company prove to be lethal if their cyber security is compromised?
  8. How does Google sustain cyber-attacks every day?
  9. What are the effects of cyber security knowledge on attack detection?
  10. How house alarms and security locks can be hacked by hackers and pose a threat to our homes?

Research Topics on Technology:

  1. Is AI going to take over jobs of waiters and helpers at restaurants?
  2. How is Google voice assistant changing the overall user experience?
  3. Can apple’s new technology really prevent stroke?
  4. Artificial Intelligence assisted classrooms can help special students to attain compulsory education; how true is this?
  5. Are our smartphones taking away our privacy?
  6.  How high definition camera have become a defining feature for luxury smartphones?
  7. Why is apple shifting to stainless steel phone covers instead of glass backs?
  8. Is blue light really as harmful as depicted by the media?
  9. Apple smart watches are making life easier but is that everything about apple watch you should know? An investigative report.
  10. Why from time to time does Area 51 pique everyone’s interest?

 Research Topics on Politics:

  1. What is the future of Afghanistan amidst the tension created between Pakistan and India
  2. USA state policy to deport immigrants and keep their children in camps, how reminiscent is it of past concentration camp?
  3. Human rights violation in Palestine, Kashmir, Burma, and China – what is the future of these oppressed minorities?
  4. Radical religious groups are taking over the political scenario, what factors could possibly be behind this trend?
  5. What factors have lead USA to befriend extremist states such as that of North Korea
  6. How are re-education camps in China for Muslims (Uighurs) affecting the Muslim population in China?
  7. How ethnic cleansing of minorities in countries around the world causing distrust and outrage among different ethnicities?
  8. Why are people of Hong Kong protesting and what does it mean if the extradition bill gets passed in Hong Kong?
  9.  How did matters change in emirate countries after the Arab spring?
  10. Wiki leaks owner Julian Assange’s arrest, what motivated Ecuador to hand Assange over?

Phew! That was one hell of a list for topics, and by reading out till the end you have proven that you don’t have the attention span of a goldfish hence give yourself a tap on the back.  

If you can do this, you can surely do your essays as well – so stop buying essays from buy essays UK! Oh, you don’t. I just thought may be – I am kidding.

I hope this list helps you out today, tomorrow or whenever you go through the process of selecting a topic for your research. If you do select a topic, please say a prayer for me – don’t be selfish, do it!

Author bio

Norman Clarke has a MA HRM from Keele University; a fashion enthusiast on most days, but when he is working at professional essay service he is usually donning a bright tailored suit and writing creative and innovative essays. He is also fond of pulling on pranks on his colleagues.

BY MANTAHA QURESHI | January 20, 2021

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    How To Successfully Write A Scholarship Essay Tips And Examples By Experts

    We have all been stuck with casual essays in our academic life, right? But with a scholarship essay? Well, it’s a whole different case. A scholarship essay is not just any essay. It’s something upon which your educational career depends.

    So, it’s quite safe to say that the key to getting the scholarship that you are after is none other than a ‘well written scholarship essay.’ It’s serves as a chance for students to present themselves in a creative way to their potential educators.

    Can you write a scholarship essay that will get you the desired scholarship right away? If not, we’ll show you how.

    Make Your Essay Outshine Other Participants’ Essays..!

    You are not alone in the conquest to get the scholarship. A whole lot of students would be chasing the scholarship you are seeking. And everyone would be trying very hard to write the best scholarship essay. Many factors count when you write an essay but one thing that can guarantee success with scholarship essays is choosing persuasive essay topics.

    Basic Essay Structure That Should Be Drilled into Your Mind

    Thesis StatementIt is a statement that describes the purpose of our essay, and clearly mentions the main idea that we are going to convey in the scholarship essay. It has to be clear-cut and strongly expressed.
    IntroductionIt’s the section that gives the reader a history of the topic and also gets him familiarized with the whole idea of our essay as well as state our opinion or views on the topic.
    Main BodyIn the main body we put into words the entire thing. We use our ideas, concepts, reason, etc. to explain everything in this section. 
    SummaryWe then sum up everything that has been said from the first word till the last word in the main body. The summary must be kept brief and at the same time very effective.
    Final WordsLastly the final word is given, with some opinions (if allowed) and a message.

    Let’s Go Further With Tips and Examples

    To write a scholarship essay you must be aware of some of the basic components that make a good essay. Compromising on the quality of your essay will no doubt trim down the probability of your getting the scholarship. But, take it easy..! Let us take you down the path of writing successfully a phenomenal scholarship essay.

    1. Go through the criteria of the scholarship essay

    Have you read the details? If no, go for them. It is very important for your essay to show that you are aware of the requirements well. To write an exceptional essay that could get you the scholarship go through the criteria details over and over again.

    1. Start with the theme

    What’s the theme of your essay? Have you not decided on it yet? Before you do, keep in mind that the theme should be catchy and imaginative, a boring kind of essay will immediately put off your examiner.

    1. Choose an interesting topic

    Now here’s your chance to attract the attention of your examiners by choosing a topic which is very interesting and appealing. So rack your brains and think which topics could be interesting as well as informative to the reader.

    1. Write an appealing introduction

    Give your essay a good, energetic introduction. No one will go on reading it if the introduction is gloomy and boring. Introduce your topic, with its history and context, in the best way possible.

    1. Tell your story

    Now tell the story..! It must be coming straight from your heart, if you try too hard to make it engaging then it will probably backfire. Don’t strain yourself to write a good essay. Do it slowly but surely, you can only write a good essay when you have grasped the topic well.

    “The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say brain surgery” – Robert Cormier

    1. Make it an attention grabber

    Grab their attention and don’t let them put down your essay without finishing it. Make your essay so engaging that there is no way they leave your scholarship essay partially read. Use catchy words and phrases that can trap the reader into reading the whole thing.

    1. Grammatical perfection is significant..!

    Being perfect with grammatical structure is as much important and should be given as much care as choosing your essay topic. Little grammatical mistakes will give your essay a very bad impression. The less mistakes there are in the essay the higher are the chances of you getting the scholarship.

    1. Give it a positive tone

    Be positive in your tone, address the reader in a tone that makes him feel inspired and upbeat. Never take a negative approach in writing your scholarship. Focus and highlight the positive side of your essay’s story.

    1. Don’t be dull, show passion

    Write your scholarship essay with passion, and show enthusiasm in your writing. The examiner must know that you feel deeply and passionately about the topic that you are writing on.

    1. Conclude sensibly..!

    You now need to conclude your essay in such a way that whatever you have said in the essay comes to a logical conclusion, allowing the reader to see the whole story in a nut shell. Also the reader must be able to draw his own conclusions, so your conclusion should have room for other’s opinions and views also.

    One On One Guidelines for Success With scholarship essays

    Do you still need guidelines to make sure that no one has any excuse to reject your scholarship essay? Well, here you go..!

    • Proofread your essay a hundred times for errors and mistakes before submitting it.
    • Consider what changes could be made to improve the essay?
    • Ask a friend to read your essay and rate it.
    • Don’t overestimate your writing skills.
    • Make sure you have seen the submission requirements clearly.
    • Submit when you are 100% sure that no further improvements could be done to it.
    • Try to submit a little before the deadline.

    So What Have You Understood So Far?

    If you’re writing a scholarship essay for the very first time then you probably need to acquire a great deal of understanding of such an essay, before you could be able to write a gripping essay that would catch anyone’s attention instantly.

    By keeping in mind the following points you could begin the journey with your scholarship essay with a clear, and calm mind:

    • Understand the reader’s interest.
    • Write in a formal, but grasping manner.
    • Get your facts straight.
    • No room for grammatical mistakes.
    • Write with enthusiasm.
    • Conclude the essay in reasonable way.
    • And finally never impose your views on to the reader.

    About The Author

    Hi, I’m Norman Clarke. Have been associated with Professional Essay Service for a very long time. I pursued my PhD in English Literature and I’m particularly interested in essay and dissertation writing services. Also a fiction lover.

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      30 Free Law Dissertation Topics To Choose From

      So, it’s finally that time of year. Choosing a law dissertation topic is similar to choosing a dissertation writing services – while they are definitely NOT the same thing, they certainly are very alike. Explore a few topics beforehand to understand what you would most love to do, because this isn’t just another class assignment that you can get over with quickly to get a sub-par grade. The idea of a dissertation is something that pretty much haunt students since the day they begin their degree.

      Here are 30 law dissertation topics that might help you decide what you want to write about.

      1. Analyze critically the decision of the UK Government to allow same-sex couples to have the same privileges and responsibilities of a married couple.

      Do not rush into it.

      1. Do a critical evaluation of the racial discrimination laws in first-world countries.

      This is one topic that you can write a good, strong thesis on.

      1. Do a critical examination of the need for changing the laws having to do with essay writing service UK in England and Wales, in the light of recommendations proposed by the Law Commission.

      Try to make it something you wish to pursue in the future.

      1. Critically examine the rights of married women over the property.

      A topic that truly deserves more attention than it gets.

      1. Shed light on how the European law has affected rights related to personal property

      An important matter indeed, a great way to talk about current events.

      1. Discuss the importance and the place of the European Union Sale of Goods legislation within the UK.

      this can easily be considered a social issue which makes it a great choice.

      1. Discuss the pros and cons and how they led to the success or failure of the anti-corruption legislation in the UK.

      This could help understand this situation much better and narrow it down.

      1. Debate how media misuses freedom of speech and expression to interfere with people’s arguments.

      A much-debated topic, which makes it a great pick for a thesis.

      1. Does the supremacy of the European Union (EU) over the sovereignty of Member states need to be reconsidered?

      Something you could potentially give your opinion on, a great topic indeed.

      1. Should the specific “building block” model of EU competition law be replaced by the ‘rule of reason’ model of the US law?

      Another topic you’ll need to do a lot of research on if you don’t know the gist already.

      1. Analyze the human rights aspect of holding a mentally ill person in detention against their will.

      This is something that isn’t very talked about even though it should be.

      1. How can we change out laws to legally help the male victims of domestic violence?

      Something that always creates buzz on the internet, so easier research opportunities.

      1. Should the UN have anything to do with oppressive regimes on humanitarian grounds?

      a potentially controversial topic, but interesting nevertheless.

      1. Should we ratify the CISG (Vienna Convention on the Internet Sale of Goods 1980)?

      You might want to get a head start on this one.

      1. How significant is the copyright law in companies and why?

      protecting people’s rights is nothing to be taken lightly.

      1. What is the impact of a strong and weak point of view on a judicial review?

      You better get out your books for this one. A good topic for any law thesis.

      1. The role of discrimination policies in various legal firms

      Discrimination is the most common offense. Tackle it through this topic.

      1. A critical criminal law study on the impact of global war on terrorism.

      Fighting crime through baby steps. Don’t pass it up.

      1. How does the criminal judiciary system help rape prevention and penalizing the accused?

      Rape is an important social issue and this will bring more attention to it.

      1. What are the basics of intellectual property law and how does it impact the performance of an organization?

      Owning what you own can be a problem sometimes. Discuss.

      1. How does cyber law impact the maintenance and upholding of net-neutrality?

      Even though people don’t always follow them, the internet has rules too.

      1. Freedom of speech: its importance and its impact on us currently.

      Don’t mistake this for a pass to be as obnoxious as you want.

      1. A critical study of the difference between national and international law.

      This could be an amazing learning experience for sure.

      1. The difference between copyright laws in the US and the UK and how they impact people.

      Copyrights are important and surely need to be talked about more.

      1. The Zimbabwean Law of Trusts and the approval of trustees.

      Learn about other countries and their laws. It could help with your future career!

      1. How do local government bodies help in guarding children welfare?

      Doing research on this topic could be really easy.

      1. Do a critical analysis on how UK employment law is affected by trade unions?

      You may conduct helpful surveys on this.

      1. What role does the legal system have in inequality of any kind in workplaces

      Inequality is an important social issue that needs to be tackled. This will help shed light on it.

      1. Role of judiciary system in the fair labor practice in the UK

      Writing about the judiciary system will surely never fail you. Give it a shot!

      1. How does the judiciary system impact anything in relation with corporate manslaughter?

      Aa lot of work has not been done on this topic in the past.


      Norman Clarke has a master’s in Human Resource Management from Keele University.

      He could not pursue his dream career but excels in what he does now. He also runs a professional essay service to help students who need guidance.

      It is Time to Boost Your Grades with Professional Help

      Improved Scores

      Get Better Grades in Every Subject

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