6 Easy Steps On Writing An Argumentative Essay

Oh my, have you been assigned the task for writing an Argumentative Essay? Haven’t we all been at some point? Folks, two things you need to ingrain in your mind:

  1. There is no escaping writing essays especially in university life
  2. Hold your horses and calm down because the task is not that difficult

Now that you have most probably fed the above two points in your mind, let us move on further. Essays are a piece of written text based on research and the view point of the writer. From the primary level, we are taught about writing essays on a variety of topics especially in English Language classes.

But once we enter university level, we are assigned with essays in every other subject and the problem becomes when we are not aware of the basic requirements at the university level. A lot of students choose to buy essay online because they have trouble coping with the deadlines, but I am telling you, if you will follow the steps I have outlined for you in this blog, you will definitely be able to ace them!

In brief, all kinds of essay have the basic structure as demonstrated here:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliographies

Presenting To You 6 Easy Steps To Write An Argumentative Essay!

So folks, how about me move forward to the point where I have outlined some of the 6 best easy steps for you write to an Argumentative essay, right?

  1. Get Familiar With Argumentative Essays In General

One of the main problems that students face is that they do not understand what Argumentative Essays are in general. They are important to be written in all kinds of essays, even if you are writing a Psychology essay. Let me explain to you in simple words:

“Argumentative Essays seek to prove that an argument should be accepted as opposed to another argument, and the essay consists of compelling evidence and a balanced assessment of both of the arguments.”

You need to get your reader agree with your argument anyhow, but you cannot do that by throwing off words and phrases without any proper outline.

See where I am going with this? Yes! You need to be aware of the Argumentative Essay outline!

Part 1:  Writing The Introduction

Essentially speaking, the introduction is further divided into three components:

  1. The Hook: By referring to the ‘hook’, we mean the first part of a sentence which is written to capture the reader’s attention
  2. Background Information: The background information seeks to deliver some background on the topic, mainly focusing on the following questions:
  3. What is the issue that is being discussed?
  4. Who is/are affected by this issue?
  5. Where is the issue present?
  6. Why is the issue important to be discussed?
  7. Thesis Statement: A brief statement written in the last line of the introduction and offers the stance of the writer on the issue being discussed.

Part 2: Developing Your Own Arguments in The Body

While developing your own arguments, you need to provide a minimum of three claims. A claim is the statement you make in order to support your argument, and as such, you need to back every claim with sufficient evidence as well.

Part 3: Refuting The Arguments of The Opponent in The Body

You need to write down your opponents views in this particular section, and offer valid rebuttals which appear sensible to the reader and make the reader agree with your viewpoint. You can offer up to two arguments of the opponent and refute them accordingly.

Part 4: Concluding The Essay

A justified conclusion is one which covers the following aspects in detail:

Reinstatement of the importance of the issue; whereby the writer mentions how their particular argument and opinion carries value and should be implemented.

A parallel situation; where the argument has not been followed and negative consequences are explored in brief. Refuting arguments is rather necessary in humanities and management sciences subjects such as for writing an economics essay.

  1. Understand The Topic Of Your Essay

Many times, you will not understand the whole purpose of your topic, which would mean you, will not be able to develop your arguments etc. Often at times, teachers do not tell the students the nature of the essay and simply give the topic to the student.

Students are not able to understand if the topic is for writing an Argumentative Essay or a Persuasive Essay. Moreover, sometimes you might not even have the topic given to you, and would need to browse by yourself only. A topic for an argumentative essay will have the following components:

  1. How did this particular situation happen?
  2. Why is this issue important to be discussed?
  3. How are supposed to react to this issue?
  4. If you think that you can cover these points in your topic, voila! You have found your topic!
  5. Devise A Timeline For Your Essay Parts

Now that I have told you about the essay structure and outlines, you need to make sure that you make a timeline for yourself where you divide time for each task.

You need to set a timeframe within which you specify time for research, writing, proofreading etc. Without a clear cut timeline, you may lag behind in your essay submission.

Even if you decide to take assistance from some professional essay service, they will ask you give a timeframe for the sections of an essay.

  1. Write Your Essay After Filling Your Knowledge Pool

An essay can only receive a top grade if it has the adequate information and research within it. While we are blessed with the internet and we can conduct all kinds of researches, the problem is that students get confused on using authentic information.

If that’s the case, you can make use of these online tools for research:

  • Mendeley
  • GoogleScholar
  • Sparrho
  1. Get Your References Right

So you have written your complete essay and got done with the conclusion as well, but did your cite the sources for all of your mentioned information?

Image result for referencing and citation

Well guess what? You need to be aware of all the referencing styles, especially the ones recommended to you by your teacher. If you think that this is particularly a difficult task and that you cannot get your references right, well, the internet is there for you.

“I am pleading people all around to write my essay UK based especially the bibliographies section, because I sure cannot seem to understand it!”

CiteThisForMe is a particularly recommended website when it comes to citing the sources with accuracy.

  1. Proofread and Edit Your Essay

What is worse than an incomplete essay? An error-ridden essay of course! Errors do not only pertain to spelling or grammatical errors, but they also mean that you have either not formatted your essay properly or that there is a lot of plagiarism showing up in your essay.

Nowadays, I have observed that a lot of students may hand over their essay to a cheap essay writing service UK based, just for the proofreading and editing part only. Just goes to show how important it is!

Nevertheless, you need to make sure that your essay is immaculate in condition, and free of all kinds of errors. In this manner as well, you can make use of online tools for making sure that it is impeccable in condition:

  • SpellCheck Plus Tool
  • Grammarly
  • Plagiarism Checker

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    How To Write An Essay Expert Advice

    Mom! Mom! Where are you? Mom I need to talk to you right now! Mooooooooooooommmmm! I was so frustrated that when I entered my house I was yelling and finding mom. Finally she came running towards me! OH David! What happened why you are so frustrated? And then I told her my story which connected me with the fabulous story of my life.

    You all must be wondering, what might be connection between my story and the topic. So let me tell you first, that I am a creative head of a renowned company which has specialty in essay writing and literature writing. That day I first learned skills of essay writing from my Mom, who trained me about several things about essay writing as it was her regular job (She was professor of psychology in a renowned University).

    So let’s get back into the time on that day when she told something which made my whole life change.

    Once upon a time……

    I had a literature exam in which I had to write psychology essay of 1000 words. I knew what to do but lack the direction on how to write it. So I barely passed, though I was so sure I could have achieved good marks. When I got my paper back there were hardly any mistakes but still, was not graded well. So I got so frustrated about all this. I took my paper and shared my issue with my mom. She took my paper and told me that everything is ok with the essay but it lacks the crisp that an essay should have.  When I asked her about what does crisp means? She taught me something that I can never forget.

    Let’s Gear up for the ride!

    Whatever she taught me that day, it made a way for me to the professional essay service. As she gave me some very, very major and interesting tips which I will be sharing in a while. Let’s make a rough sketch first. The three major parts that we need is obviously very basic

    “Introduction, Body and Conclusion. But it does have some more spices. What are those species?

    Let’s explore them one by one;

    Way towards composition of essay writing:

    If you want to be master in essay writing you need to have crazy expertise in following ground i.e.

    1. Brain Storming
    2. Information
    3. Message
    4. Essay outline

    Knock! Knock! does your brain think?

    Brain Storming: Think! Think! Think! Think about your topic. What does it require? What might be the key elements in it? What should be the style? Who are the main audience? What is your message? How you are going to convey it? Make a rough sketch like about your esaay and jot down main points that you have to discuss.

    Is this relevant?

    Information:  A writer must collect the relevant information after brainstorming the topic. He needs to have vast research on how to elaborate his points and which information is beneficial for reader. But do not go on and on about the topic. Decide! The main theme of the topic and then add information. There is vast information about the importance of social media but I have planned out my research well and then I took next step.

    essay writing advice

    Style a crispy message body:

    Message: what message do you want to give to reader? Is that message relevant to the reader? Will he gain something from your essay? Will it be a time winning activity? Make sure you don’t give a headache to your reader by bombarding him with excessive information.

    Writer’s knows the best!

    Only you know how to tackle your reader’s mind, so outline your essay in such a manner that he thoroughly enjoys reading it. Give heading, pictures and taglines to make it easy for them to check in a quick manner.

    Tadaa! Now you know the secret ingredient of professional essay writing. Essay writing is an art that only few possess as it polishes the skills of the writer and make him closer to reader’s mind.

    But wait the story has just begun!

    Yes you know the secret ingredients but do you know how to use main ingredients i.e. Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

    Make your reader curious:

    Your Introduction should be clear, short and eye catching, that creates curiosity in reader’s mind, but should not reveal the whole essay. It must be a small paragraph and well comprehended. You can give a little touch of fun to it if you want. The buy online essay trend is successful now because the reader’s attention is caught in the introduction which pulls him to buy the whole essay.

    Details, details and stop!

    You need to give details but don’t overemphasize them. Body should contain all the needed information like charts, pictures and stats etc. that support the topic. It shouldn’t be too long that reader gets distracted and not even too short that it doesn’t convey the main message.

    Win your audience!

    This is the most crucial part of essay writing i.e. conclusion, when you conclude the essay, you need to leave an everlasting impression on reader’s mind. Make them realize that whatever time they spent was worth it!

    What are you waiting for? Just start your essay now!

    I hope the art of essay making is clear to you and soon you will be entertaining your readers and customers. I thoroughly enjoyed detailing the ways of essay writing with you all and hope to see you on my next blog. Till than have a good health and wealth. Bye!

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      Uks Education Policies For Third World Countries

      “Education has the power to change lives!”

      Imagine a world without poverty? Imagine a world with better health facilities? Imagine a world with peace and stability? I’ll tell you that this is possible.

        How; you ask? Education has the power to do this all. All aspects that drag down the development of countries can be tackled with proper education to the people, starting at the roots.

      As suggested by professional essay writing service providers, has always been a great advocate in bettering the lives of people of developing countries. It has been implementing various policies to do this and to end the secondary problems that arise with the lack of education in developing countries.

      The need for education in the developing word- Why is it significant?

      When suffering from a disease, the doctor will first identify the disease and then look into the root cause of it. The developing countries are undergoing various approaches to put a significant reduction in the various crisis; Health, economic, financial, agricultural, etc. After close speculation, it can be concluded that all these have one common lacking; education. With the advent of education, most of the crisis being faced in developing countries, such as Ghana, India, and Pakistan can be tackled to a great extent. Everyone requires help in education, that may come from a teacher or any Custom essay writing service UK website; every student deserves to receive that push in combating their lacking.

      Following are some reasons as to why education in developing countries holds great importance:

      • Boosts up earnings in poverty-ridden families:

      Yes, we all know that educated families allow various parties to contribute to the household finances and thus, the pressure is balanced out. It’s a fact that each additional year of schooling can result in a striking 10% increase in earning. Why is this important?

      Well, for starters, the national human capital is one of the features of growth, when looked from a national perspective!

      • Allows a better health choice to be made

      I can’t forget to mention that people in developing countries suffer from various health concerns, mostly, because of the lack of awareness about hygiene and sanitation. The educated women, in such cases, are nothing less than a powerful weapon that empowers the influence of healthy living. They are likely to have fewer children, due to proper family planning; speeding the demographic transition and their children are more likely to be receiving good nourishment.

      Did you know? Spending an additional year in secondary school can lower the risk of HIV infection among students by around a third a decade later.

      • Builds up resilience

      I’d like to add to the importance by saying that education is a powerful cohesion tool that promotes a sense of identity and develops various skills in individual to reach their utmost potential. If used for the correct purposes, it can help the people adapt to unexpected political and economic downfalls and develop resilience in times of conflict!

      • Essential to the success of every one of the 17 global goals

      The United Nations established 17 global goals that are to be reached by 2030. One of them is improving education and ending poverty. According to the Professional Essay writing service UK based websites, for this purpose, the United Kingdom, along with other world leaders has been investing in this and has been making various policies that have been talked about in my blog

      • Educating girls has a multiplier effect

      You’ve probably heard of people saying that educating a woman means educating an entire generation. You must be wondering how is that even possible, right?

      Well you see, when you educated a woman, she makes sure that her children are educated and grooms them in such a way. Also, since children grow up in the supervision of their mothers, it’s essential for the mother to know how to add in the developments of their primary personalities, as part of primary socialization.

      • Promotes gender equality

      Education advocates for the rights of individuals. It’s no secret that educated individuals are well-aware of their rights and know the line between right and wrong. Educated individuals, specifically women, are less prone to child marriages as they want to live their lives and benefit themselves and society with the knowledge they receive.

      • Early childhood development is the key to future success

      Vast research is being conducted in recent years, to understand the potential for early childhood development as a key to future success. It goes without a hint of doubt that children, who receive a quality education in their early lives, have higher intelligence, better memory and faster understanding of concepts.

      Simply put, without strong basics, a child is likely to progress with progress towards higher education or productive employment.

      Did you know? The right to education has been enshrined as a fundamental human right by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on rights of a child

      Lending a helping hand- UK’s Education Policies

      The United Kingdom is motivated to draw on the full range of its expertise, finance, and influence, to benefit the developing countries in combatting all the issues co-related to lack of good education opportunities. I have read many of their policies and come to the conclusion that they aim to do this by focusing mostly on primary and secondary education, as discussed by Essay help UK.

       DFID’s approach and its aim of tackling the learning crisis

      My research on this topic suggests that the United Kingdom is one of the largest donors to education at primary levels. What makes me say that?

      According to the statistics of OECD CRS, in the year 2015, the United Kingdom spends almost $400M annually! Now that’s a lot!

      The priorities

      With DFID’s approach, the United Kingdom aims to do the following:

      • Identifying and implementing affordable early education interventions
      • Sharing the expertise present in the UK to benefit developing countries; good teachers, books, useful innovations, etc.
      • Extending support towards skilled and motivated teachers to early childhood development

      Invest in good teaching

      Good teachers and useful teaching methods have a direct relation to the performance and learning abilities of a student. Thus, the UK essay Writing service argue that one of the major educational policies of the UK lies in transforming the education and upgrading it to newer levels, with the introduction of good teachers and methods of teaching.

      How will it go about?

      • Removing the outdated model of teacher training and instead, drawing evidence-based approaches
      • Boost teacher motivation through re-thinking recruitment
      • Working in partnership with teachers to reduce violence in school

       A complete system reform, delivering results in class

      According to the Best essay writing service UK based websites; it’s pretty evident that improving single features; like better teachers or courses alone cannot benefit developing countries globally. Thus, entire education reform is required in these countries. Just getting the students to school is not the solution, as perceived by the general public because if they lack the planning and resources, there’s not much benefit it can reap. Also, most education systems lack coherence, with inputs and processes; all moving in different directions and thus, the optimum potential is unable to reach.

      So, what is the UK doing to implement this policy?

      • Supporting the actual decision makers to diagnose their education systems that allow children to learn basic skills
      • Support the efforts led by UNESCO to develop comparative data on the number of children reaching the expected standards
      • Advocate for public transparency and accountability when it comes to receiving a quality education
      • Using Ed-Tech, the decision makers will be helped in solving the key challenges that are holding them back

      Targeted support to the most marginalized

      What does the UK policy refer to when it speaks of the “Marginalized”?

      Let me group them below, for your better understanding

      • Children with disabilities
      • Children affected by the crisis
      •  Girls with little or no reach to education

      A vision for change-The main aims and objectives

      Let me discuss some of the main aims and objectives of the policies that have been made by the UK:

      Improving learning

      It goes without saying that improvement in learning is essential to help kids reach their best learning capacities. The UK, along with other international entities has been working towards this goal and trying to combat it at a grass root level. According to the forward of the secretary state of the United Kingdom

      “As a global leader on education, Britain will throw the full weight of its support behind this effort, bringing our influence, expertise, and finance to the table.”

      Learning can be done online in recent years, allowing children to seek academic assistance from sources across the globe. Students even have the feasibility to get Professional Essay Service or seek help in their academics; the online community is getting much stronger with the passing days. Where students would previously suffer from a lack of understanding of the core subjects, they can now get assistance like getting College essay writing service, and render themselves free from stress. What I mean by this is the fact that technology is advancing with such rapid frequency shows that it’s high time for it to be used to the best of its potential for education, as I’ve mentioned in my other blog regarding Artificial intelligence in education.

      Reaching more children in collaboration with UNICEF

      “UNICEF for every child”

      This slogan says a lot in itself.

      To reach its highest potential in working towards education, the UK is one of the funding backbones of UNICEF and supports its global education goals for developing countries. Let me tell you some of the prospects and objectives they have put forward:

      • Raising the standards of education, training 190,000 teachers and adding better testing of pupils’ progress. Parent to be given parents more of a say in their children’s education so they can make sure direct progress of child’s education
      • Getting more children through school, supporting 11 million children in primary and lower level secondary school
      • Promoting higher education by improving the quality of 200 Higher Education Institutions across Africa and Asia
      • Funding of education aid on unstable or war-torn countries where more than two-fifths of the world’s out-of-school children are found, and where a lack of education can have a direct contribution to conflicts
      • Advancing  more research into the best ways to get children into school, keep them in school, and improve the quality of the education they receive

      The girl’s education challenge

      The importance of education of women is no hidden secret because the statistics say it all!

      I won’t forget to mention about a report by the Education Commission of UK that stated $1USD   invested in an additional year of schooling in developing countries for girls, could create earning and health benefits of $ 10USD, and go around 1/3 of the decrease in adult mortality. This all comes from improvements in the education of girls! Now that’s news!

      Equity in education is one of the central aims of the UK’s education policy and one such stand taken for this was the GEC, in 2012. This was a 12-year commitment to reach the most marginalized girls across the globe and fund their education in any way possible. As per my research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the UK is committed to ensuring over a million girls’ education n in some of the most severe poverty-afflicted countries.

      • The department for international development launched 355 million  GECF I 2012
      • 1n July 2016, further 100 Million were launched

      This way, concentration on primary and lower secondary education can be maintained, along with investment in high quality higher education, skills, and early childhood education. You may get greater insight into the importance of educating women by referring to this article.

      Looking into the benefits yielded- Tackling at the grass root level

      If we look into the fruits yielded by various global programs, aiming to tackle the problems that arise with the lack of education, it is evident that there has been quite a lot of progress with years. According to sustainable development global funds:

      • The total enrollment rate of developing countries reached a high of 91% in 2015
      • The worldwide child dropout rate reduced to half the number
      • Primary school enrollment increased from 52% in 1990 to a high of 78% in 2012, in sub-Saharan Africa
      •  With the help of DFID programs, the Government of Lebanon is ensuring all teachers meet national standards of performance. In Nigeria, the federal and state leaders and engaging with teachers’ unions and taking decisive actions to address the quality of education.
      • The “transforming teacher education” and learning program in Ghana has previously worked with teacher training colleges
      • The “English in Action” is another professional development program that has reached over 50,000 teachers and about 8 million students in Bangladesh
      • The Ethiopian government has implemented drastic system reforms in line with UK expertise on school inspection
      • The “Punjab education foundation “is a non-profit body that promotes education in non-state institutions in Pakistan
      • With the support of the UK’s technical assistance, the government of Lebanon has taken ownership of the refugee response with the help of “Reaching all children through Education” strategy.


      The United Kingdom has been advocating for educational developments in poverty-ridden countries, suffering from a lack of education opportunities. For this purpose, various initiatives have been taken with aims to solve this undermining issue that affects an individual on a global scale. With a positive attitude, combined efforts from developed counties, we can live In a better world of equal opportunities!

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        Test Run Techniques Spss Stata Eviews Taylor

        The students go through the phase of selecting the topic for the dissertation and writing a perfect proposal for submission. This all step by step process of research paper till the finalization is very frustrating and hectic. The most difficult task for researcher is to find data, fill out questionnaires, calling interviews sessions and so on. But these all finding, hypothesis should be run in the software to make prediction on our collection of data and find out results.

        However, some students are not aware of such software and how it is run? What are the different types of software? And which is the best to use from?   

        We have the solution for all these problems, there are techniques to run the analysis on these software’s.

        So, what is meant by SPSS and Stata

        The term SPSS is derived from statistical package for social science. It was first developed by IBM an American firm which invented this software for data analysis in 1968. It has features which are complex in nature that is used to set data for statistical analysis.  

        As compared to STATA it is also used for statistical analysis which was introduced by Stata corporate is called generated purpose software package in the year 1985. The main publisher of Stata was William Gould it is the solely owned product software. Stata have diverse operating system such as windows, Mac OS and Linx.

        What are the differences in their techniques?

        Below we will show you guys’ the differences on how both the software works and what is the best technique to work with.

        Features for comparisonSPSSStata
        Complicated methodIt is mostly for complex and complicated data methods.It is not for complex and complicated methods.
        StudyIt cater large amount of data which is for multivariate analysis procedures.It is for normal amount of data analysis procedures.
        ImplementationSpss is run for medical and social science areas.Stata is run for econometrics areas.
        AdvantageIt has technique to generate the outputs in documented form.It has a technique of command lines and documented features which is useful.
        UsefulnessAs it is said to be complex that is used for data management for example excel spread sheetStata which is not complex in nature which is best for researchers and developers.
        Statistical analysisIt has full control of data analysis.It is not controlled in the data analysis and is considered weak in this area of work.

        Stata vs. SPSS-Who is better than whom

        Well, in conclusion to what to choose by both the software and who is better to find results? The answer to all this question each of the software is better functioned in ther own place. The essay writers UK based are also using these tools to make their results more accurate. Whether to choose Stata for simplest and easy way of data analysis, or SPSS which is more likely complex at some point but gives results as well as Stata does. However, there is one difference for choosing Stata is much broader as it has multiprocessing methods and Stata believed to store memory as compared to SPSS.

        Next is, E-View and Taylor what they are for?

        E-View is a software design to calculate, forecast, and an analytical tool to make results out of it with modern statistical methods. The professional essay writers are aiming to be best in using E-View to simplify their findings of writing dissertation more at ease. This tool is easy to use and flexible. By using E-View you can easily analysis data, manage the econometrics and create models, graphs and even tables for publications. In order to have best software package for your results and model to publish it keep in mind the work flow of your design. Some techniques to make your life easy as by using E-View is:

        Want to transfer data from excel, you just need to drag and drop the file into the E-View and you are done with transferring it.  You need a histogram for your statistics to look more presentable, then here you go just some clicks and your and there you go it done.  You want your custom made tables into power point format then simply click on the table and move to power point and ask it to update the file as the E-View data is changed.

        If we talk about Taylor it is neither software nor a statistical tool to analysis your study but a journal to publish your thesis, or research paper you have gone through in your university life. This publication site is helpful not only for students who are ready to produce research papers or thesis but to those too who are motivated to publish their papers for the world to make use out of it.

        Final verdict…

        These all software is better in their own use there is no final verdict to prove the best software for results orientation. However, some are more helpful and quick to use and some are out dated so it’s your choice for which form of software is suitable for your research techniques.

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